Are there any monthly maintenance costs when you buy a grave or ash niche?

No, you only pay the once off purchase price. A large portion of our sales price is not received by us, but capitalised to an independent maintenance fund, which is externally audited annually, to ensure the fund and its returns are sufficient to maintain the park to its current standards into perpetuity.

Is a grave at one of our parks expensive?

At Calgro M3 Memorial Parks we believe everyone should have access to well-maintained and safe cemeteries – we therefore offer various grave sections at affordable prices. We now also offer Lay-By payment options, making it even more reachable to anyone interested.

Where is each park based?

Nasrec Memorial Park:

Johannesburg South – 1 Rand Show Road, Aeroton, easy access off the N1 South, Rand Show Road off-ramp.

Fourways Memorial Park:

Fourways, Johannesburg, at 1 Memorial Lane, Craigavon.

Enokuthula Memorial Park:

Johannesburg, Close to Brakpan, corner 12th Road and Vlakfontein Road, Vulcania.

Bloemfontein Memorial Park:

On the R64 (old Kimberly Road) in Bainsvlei Bloemfontein – just past the Bainsvlei municipal cemetery.

Durbanville Memorial Park:

Outside Durbanville, Corner Klipheuwel Road and Darwin Street, Fisantekraal.

Can I sell the grave in future?

You can resell a niche or grave privately, but keep in mind that an admin fee for change of ownership is payable. In addition to the admin fee a change of ownership form must be completed to ensure the transfer is registered and recorded in the Memorial Park Management System.

What will happen once the cemetery is full?

A large portion of our sales price is not received by us, but capitalised to an independent maintenance fund, which is externally audited annually, to ensure the fund and its returns are sufficient to maintain the park to its current standards into perpetuity.

What do I need to do to erect a tombstone?

Memorial work requires the (I) completion of the applicable application form to erect/dismantle memorial work (ii) a detailed sketch plan of the intended memorial which must be assessed and approved by park management prior to the erection thereof (iii) an appointment confirmed with the park administration office for the erection thereof. Please refer to the Park Specific Rules and Regulations for more information concerning memorial work in each park.

Why do graves sink and when will it be corrected?

Grave subsidence is a natural settling of soil which may affect any grave in all cemeteries and requires remedial action including the filling and compaction of the grave until final stability of the surface is achieved. Remedial action is taken to remedy the subsidence as soon as possible.

Do we allow more than one person per grave?

Yes, we do allow more than one family member per grave. Please refer to the Park Specific Rules and Regulations for more information on how many family members per grave each park allows.

What will happen if I die before my grave is paid in full?

The family of the deceased will have a choice to pay the outstanding amount still owed for the burial to take place OR they can choose to cancel in which case they will be refunded for the payments already made.

How do I know my grave will not be sold to anyone else?

Private Rights are awarded to the Holder (applicant) who upon signature of the application and acceptance of the terms and conditions, is the sole person authorised to permit interment(s) in the grave, as well as the erection/dismantling of memorial work.

What is the difference between a headstone and a full memorial section?

A headstone is memorial work which is erected on the grave by means of an upright headstone only. A full memorial, in addition to the upright headstone includes a solid granite ledger as the base covering the entire extent of the grave.

What proof do I have when I buy a grave?

A certificate of ownership of private rights is issued upon full and final payment to the Holder (applicant).

What is the Burial Order?

A document issued by the Department of Home Affairs granting authority for burial. No burial can be permitted without an original burial order. Copies of burial orders are not accepted.

What is an Estate and what are the benefits?

An opportunity to secure an exclusive area set aside for a specific number of graves within a private and secure demarcated area, accessible only to the family of the deceased.

What is an exhumation and what is required?

It is possible to exhume the remains of a person who has been buried in another cemetery and move the remains for reburial in any of the CalgroM3 memorial parks. Legislation pertaining to exhumations must be adhered to. Registered funeral directors are able to assist in this regard.


What is the layby payment period?

You can pay monthly instalments for up to 24 months.

When doing an upfront (deposit) payment, how does this affect my debit order amount and payment terms?

The initial deposit amount will be deducted from the total amount owing and the remaining balance can be paid over a maximum period of 24 months.

Can I pay a deposit upfront and then get a repayment holiday for the first couple of months?

No, you cannot. Any deposit amount will be deducted from the total amount and the remaining balance will be charged for monthly for a maximum period of 24 months.

The lay-by deduction must run every month until fully paid.

Can I pay an additional amount off on my lay-by when I have some extra funds

Of course, you may, as long as it is done through the Payfast platform. A separate link will be generated for this ad-hoc payment. The additional amount will be deducted from the total amount owing, but the monthly instalment going forward will not be amended/reduced. The remaining repayment term will become shorter, meaning that you will pay the lay-by off sooner.

Can I pay an additional amount to settle the outstanding balance on my layby

Yes, you may. The total outstanding amount can be obtained from the staff at any of our parks but must be settled through the Payfast platform. Any amounts paid via EFT into our bank account will incur an additional admin charge.

Can I cancel my layby at any stage?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel at any point. Please be mindful that the upfront admin fee of R500 is non-refundable and there is a cancellation fee of 8% on the transaction value to cover our costs.

Do I have to start paying my lay-by within a month or can I get a grace period at the start?

Unfortunately, not. You must start with your first instalment within a month to comply with our terms.

What happens if I miss payments?

If your payment fails, it will automatically be frozen by the system and will need to be reactivated. In the event that you are in arrears by less than 3 months, you will have to bring payments up to date and then your lay-by can continue. If you are in arrears by more than 3 months, the transaction will be cancelled (as per our terms and conditions) and you will be liable for an 8% cancellation fee. Please note the lay-by and the application will be cancelled directly after being 3 months in arrears and the cancellation fee applied.

If I missed 2 months, can I reactivate and continue paying?

Sure, you will have to bring al payments up to date before proceeding. The initial term of 24 months cannot be extended, so you will have to catch up all arrear’s payments and then the remaining term will be at the original monthly instalment.

If I miss some payments, can I request that that the future monthly amount be increased to cover these arrears?

Unfortunately, not. You have to catch up all arrears and then pay the remaining amount over the original term.

For example: R24,000 over 24 months = R1,000 per month. If I miss 2 months, can we adjust it to R24,000 over 22 months = R1,090,91 per months – No you may not. You will have to catch up the arrears of R2,000 and then continue paying the R1,000 per month.

I had no funds in my account and my lay-by payment did not go through. What now?

Payfast will pause your subscription after 3 failed attempts to retrieve the money from your card.

In this event and then a new link will have to be generated in order for Calgro to activate your subscription again.

Festive Season Closure Notice

Please note our parks will be closed on 25 & 26 December 2023, and 1 January 2024.